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Keep Britain Smiling

Fizzy drinks rot teeth! The tooth fairy doesn’t do returns – when they’re gone, they’re gone


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Our campaign promotes dental health and the benefits of a beautiful smile


Grossly decayed teeth in children and young adults is one of Britain’s biggest dental health problems. The consumption of high sugar-content fizzy drinks is without doubt a large contributing factor and many seem unaware of the consequences.


Did you know, a can of cola contains an average nine cubes of sugar and a can of energy drink contains on average 13 cubes of sugar? The most common reason for a child of under 10 to visit A&E in the UK is due to a dental issue. Keep Britain Smiling’s aim is to improve this dismal statistic.

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Keep britain smiling

What we want you to do

It’s simple. We are asking you to pledge your support by going fizz free. No more sugary, fizzy drinks and reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.

If you are a school or a youth organisation or group, we are asking you to make your premises a fizz free zone and to support Keep Britain Smiling with a number of campaigns throughout the year.

Leave your details below and we will be in touch with information, and ways you can get involved and help Britain smile properly!   

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And together, let’s help Keep Britain Smiling.

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